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5 factors to consider while buying your family Car

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5 key factors to consider while looking out for the perfect family car

When my child enters a toy shop and sees cars, all he wants is a different car from the ones he already has. Sometimes, he wants a big car and sometimes a tiny hotwheel car, sometimes the red one and sometimes a green car!!  I wish buying a car was that simple for adults too, but sigh, it is not!!

What are the points that one must consider while planning to buy a Family car.

1. Safety- more than 4 lakh road accidents are reported each year in India, with over 20% being fatal. Aren't these stats shocking? This is a reason enough to consider safety as the prime factor before buying  your car. Few of the things that one should check for are-  airbags, antilock braking system , fog lights, sensors to avoid front collission and anchorpoints for child seat.

2. Comfort and  amenities - ergonomic and comfortable seats, good leg space, proper insulation to cut outside noise, infotainment system other amenities like cold storage box, foldable seats to.make more room when needed, Bluetooth connectivity, push button start and  keyless entry for the times you have your hands full of grocery bags!!

3. Power - The petrol cars tend to have a swift and smooth pickup whereas mass market diesel cars exhibit great amount of pulling power which means there is an initial lag and the car takes a while to respond to the pressing of the accelerator.

4.  Cost and financing  - Buying a car requires substantial funds. Therefore one has to first look at the budget and financing options available. The applicable taxes, interest rate on loan, processing fee and prepayment charges or late payment penalty are some of the things that must be researched on as well while buying a car. Want to estimate payments and compare financing options log on to .

5. Maintenance, cost of running and spare parts cost and availability- You don't just shell out one huge amount when you buy a car, it rather comes at an ongoing recurring expenditure. The fuel cost too differs from one car to another and it is one major recurring expense.

Some other factors that may be looked into are- After sales service, annual maintenance costs, quality and finish of interiors, brand value and resale value!

Hope you found this article helpful, for more details and deals on latest cars you could check


  1. What a informative post dear . I think we all should keep these points in mind before buying a car 😃

  2. Safety is definitely the top concern. You've nicely covered all the areas one needs to look upon while buying a car.

  3. Buying a car for family is always a great task.. But your tips will surely help us

  4. This is a great handbook for first time buyers..and some points are applicable to existing owners too

  5. These are important points. I think also getting on road service is important as that takes the worry out.

  6. Thanks for these tips. A must read before buying a car.

  7. To me these tips are so important, as safety, comfort and cost are the factors which determine the long relation with a car!

  8. Buying a car for family needs lot of steps. Glad that you put all the steps so wonderfully. I am sure this will help a lot.

  9. Very informative post I will definitely come back here wen I plan on buying a car

  10. Safety comes first when buying a new car. Lovely tips by you.

  11. You have shared some really important tips and it is gonna helpful for those who are planning to buy car... Safety is the main thing to keep in mind while buying a car..

  12. So many factors to consider while buying a car - which you have explained so well - this is a must share for my hubby! Thanks for this info

  13. These pointers are really important while purchasing a car


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