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5 factors to consider while buying your family Car

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5 key factors to consider while looking out for the perfect family car

When my child enters a toy shop and sees cars, all he wants is a different car from the ones he already has. Sometimes, he wants a big car and sometimes a tiny hotwheel car, sometimes the red one and sometimes a green car!!  I wish buying a car was that simple for adults too, but sigh, it is not!!

What are the points that one must consider while planning to buy a Family car.

1. Safety- more than 4 lakh road accidents are reported each year in India, with over 20% being fatal. Aren't these stats shocking? This is a reason enough to consider safety as the prime factor before buying  your car. Few of the things that one should check for are-  airbags, antilock braking system , fog lights, sensors to avoid front collission and anchorpoints for child seat.

2. Comfort and  amenities - ergonomic and comfortable seats, good leg space, proper insulation to cut outside noise, infotainment system other am…

How to help your baby with speech?

"Nov you" "Owe you"
Yes, I am waiting for my little man to say that, since he hasn't yet said "love you" to me, I am only guessing the sound of it (knowing he doesn't say "La" still) Like everything that happened on its own time, this too shall. 
In my previous post (Click here) I shared some bits from my baby's vocabulary and speech journey, each day I have something new to listen to and it only makes my smile wider.
A child has her/his own time to meet the milestones, there is no magic wand to have them up n running and dancing and singing. Out of all the milestones speech has the widest range from 8-9 months to 24 months for their first words. 
The two types of communication that a child uses are Receptive and Expressive. The Receptive communication means that he/she knows a particular word and Expressive communication is that they are able to speak or express it. For example, a baby may know what water is, but may not be able to…

Speech at 18 months

Every milestone of this little boy leaves me dumbstruck; but out of all these milestones, speech has been the most interesting one. New words each day, funny, cute pronunciation; often makes me feel like "ohh isko ye bhi pata hai" (ohh, he knows this as well)

This post is mainly a record for me and my family to look back, read and smile. May be when A grows up, he'll read this and laugh too. 
Babies babble through the beginning of their lives and we all wait for them to speak up their first words. My baby's first sound was that of ba, so he started with bubububu, which was meaningless babbling. But for us bubu is for grandfather, so, his gibberish meant a lot to his doting bubuji. At around 8 months he uttered his first meaningful word and guess what that was - A.C.!!! Yes, the A.C. for air conditioner. He would point to the A.C. and repeatedly go on saying A.c. a.c. a.c...... 
I don't even remember when he started saying mumma.  Till 14-15 months he had a vocabu…

Review- Pantene Oil Replacement

Gone are the hostel days when I used to sit with my friends for long head massage/ oiling sessions along with lots of gossip.

I now end up running behind a toddler with my hair crazily tied up in a messy bun. Also now i don't  really like oiling my hair, may be because i don't have time for it and also because washing hair after oiling needs extra efforts.

So, I rarely use oil, thankfully I am blessed with good hair, but still one needs to take some bit of care. With approaching winter and hair getting dry I was wondering which oil to buy, and just then I came across this Oil replacement cream. What a wonderful product for people who can't stand oil or who have no time or luxury to get their hair oiled.

 The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils; giving you two times stronger hair.

Why I liked this product- when I first used it, I felt my hair a little sticky, but I realised I had used a larger quantity. The stickiness though went away in sometime. T…

How Motherhood Has Changed Me

My baby's birth has brought the biggest change in my life. When i got married i thought it to be the biggest event/ turning point in my life,  but alas it wasn't. Getting married is a cosmetic change, a change of place and people you live with; but becoming a parent, esp. mother stirs your  soul, changes your mental abilities and pushes you beyond your physical capabilities, it is life changing in every way.

Since the day i bacame a mother, things started happening that had never happened before.. sleep became a luxury that we couldn't afford for 3 long months> more than 90 days we were sleep deprived. I wouldn't call it the best time, but we did sail through, everybody does.

Being a mother made me highly efficient,   I have never felt so efficient before in my life. I can multi-task, take shower in 2 minutes( even maggi takes longer to cook),dress up carrying him in my arms,  cook multiple things or do multiple chores while carrying this little boy ,  some of my…

Flowers and the bee - A toy for toddlers to enhance multiple skills

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Flowers and the bee - A toy for toddlers to enhance multiple skills 

Children are intrinsically curious and creative, growing up in this made up world adulterates these traits. 
I still remember my childhood days, how we loved  playing outdoors and made into toys things that would otherwise be trashed. Not that there was any dearth of toys, but making those things gave us a sense of accomplishment and also taught many other lessons. 
So, if you ask me, the best way to keep their imagination alive will be to keep them close to nature and to offer them opportunities for lots of open ended play. 
Skola is one of my favourite toy brands; they have  wonderful range of educational toys made from the high quality material which is mostly wood. 
I am going to share my views and our experience of this particular Skola toy - "Flower and the bee"
The toy came in an attractive doodled carton along with detailed description about the toy and how it can…