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What's in my diaper bag??

My first introduction to The Diaper Bag, "new mom's most useful companion when out" happened when I was 39 weeks pregnant preparing to pop. That's when I ordered a "Pink" coloured diaper bag (please don't ask me why), it was a disappointment and I barely used it.

Back then my only criteria was a pretty looking, spacious bag with many pockets and separators.

However, the bag that I use now is a back pack that we recieved with our duty-free perfume shopping. It is a lovely silver/grey coloured bag, with one pocket inside and one on the outside.

I have a thin body frame with narrow shoulders, carrying handbags is never too comfortable for me. Also with a baby I prefer my hands to be as free as possible. So,  babywearing and a backpack make going out super smooth for me.

Below is the list of items that you will always find in my diaper bag.

Diaper Bag essentials for a toddler-

1. A cloth diaper or many ( depending upon how long we are going to be out)- A basic cloth diaper can last 2-4 hrs if not soiled by poop; I generally carry 2 CDs in my bag at all times.

2. A Wet bag - These wet bags are waterproof and come with 2-3  pockets. Keeping fresh diaper in one and soiled diaper in the waterproof section makes your job simpler. While you have to dig into the pandora's box ( my diaper bag is definitely like that) the wet bag comes as a big help in the nick of time.

3. A set of clothes ( or few depending upon how long we are going to be out)- I am sure you already know why.

4. An eco-friendly clothdiaper liner (bioliner)- well these liners save your diapers from getting soiled and from poop stains. So when we are out for longer I use these. Disposing the poop is much easier with a liner on.

5. A hand towel and a few handkerchiefs-  babies are the creatures most prone to getting dirty, even in the cleanest of places, hence you may consider carrying many many kerchiefs!

6. A pair of socks- socks tend to get dirty the fastest, I have a toddler who throws away his shoes and runs around in socks, so I always carry an extra pair of these.

7. Mosquito repellent/s - In India do as Indians do!!! A country where dengue, malaria are endemic, these repellents become the most important things to carry at all times, lest you want to get into mommy guilt for forgetting to apply a repellent.

8. A baby friendly Hand sanitizer - getting access to water for washing hands is not possible at all times, a sanitiser comes in handy.

9. A small toy/ board book or both - A toy that is his current favourite is always there in the bag.

10. "Tide to go" stain remover pen - we got ours from the U.S. (little A's aunt keeps getting interesting, unique stuff for us 😃😃) it is however now also available on amazon and snapdeal. These pens work like magic on most of the stains and are great for stains that you are likely to be decorated with as a mom while dining out.

11. Water sipper

12. Banana case with a banana of course- banana is one super food that my munchkin loves and it is best to carry, no hassle of washing, pairing, chopping. So, it always has space in our bag. This plastic case helps in keeping it intact.
13. A small tiffin with snacks

14.  An umbrella- mumbai weather, you never know when it may start pouring cats and dogs.

15. Some newspaper- These always come in handy, sometimes to wrap up the soiled diaper  and sometime to collect n store debris that the toddler creates while eating or playing.

16. Wet Wipes

17. My Clutch

18. Baby carrier/Ringling

19. Nursing wrap - I am still breastfeeding my 20mo child. Although he hates being covered while Nursing, but I always carry it.

20. Extra carry bags- We are trying to endure a greener lifestyle. So, to avoid having to get new bags with the things that we may buy, I always carry 2-3 cloth bags.

For a newborn or a few months old baby one may need some additional stuff, less the snacks and water. Following is the list of things that you could be carried in addition to above for your newborn baby.

* A changing sheet
* A baby blanket
* A rattle or sound n light toy
* Burp pads/clothes

Diaper Bag definitely is an indispensable mommy accessory, do share with me what's in your Diaper Bag??


  1. That's a handy list. I keep few scented trash bags for solid diapers. And one silicon table mat when we go out to eat.

  2. banana case is something i need and got to see for the first time here thank you so much cant thank you much for it....and such a practical list of essentials...

  3. Loved your post . Very useful. here are somethings in there which I was not aware of. I was not aware of banana cases or stain removing pens. I could have definitely used them ..

  4. That's a useful list. My diaper bag usually contains all these essentials that you have mentioned. Great post!

  5. Amazing list of diaper bag essentials. I used to carry all these things in my bag when my son was too small.

  6. Amazing list of diaper essentials. I used to carry all these things when Merog was too tiny. I still carry few of these essential things for him in my bag.

  7. Wow, I had no clue about tide to go pen... will check it out on amazon or other sites. A complete list it is.

  8. I have never used a CD because of this issue of carrying soiled CD with other stuff.Didnt seem hygienic.Your idea of a wet bag is perfect.Now no worries.

  9. This is a pretty exhaustive list. Will forward the link to some expecting mommas as it will be pretty helpful for them.


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