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Fisher-Price Activity Box

Hello mommies!
Well this particular review has been more than overdue, credits to my mommy brain dabbling into multiple things!!

Here i am going to review one of our first and favourite toys, Activity box by Fisher Price.

This activity box/cube was gifted to A by one of my very good friends from school. It was introduced to A when he was 6 months old. Initially it didn't interest him much. Just the lights and sound, what more can we expect from a 6mo.

I used to put the cube infront of him and let him explore it. By the time he was 8 months old he knew everything that he could do with it, that was quite a lot, given the no. of activities. The shape sorting needs finer skills, so he couldn't do that, but he knew if if something was put from top it would come out from the hippos mouth.

I keep rotating the toys, but this is one toy that has constantly been on our shelf since the time we received it.
The box has 5 sides and multiple activities to engage your little one. 8 shapes…